Spartoo marketplace guide

--- Commercial info

Active in: 25+ European countries
Visitors per month: > 14 million
Commission: € 39 monthly + a percentage based commission (15-20%)
Payment: Once a month
Product categories: Fashion (clothing, shoes, bags, accessoires)
Input language (title + description): Depends on the selected countries, see below
Input currency EUR 
Content uploading: Yes

ChannelEngine Spartoo marketplace info page

--- How to request an account + costs

Spartoo is a fashion (only) marketplace which is active in a great number of (European) countries. Spartoo is not an 'open' marketplace in the sense that anyone can get an account (like is the case with Amazon for example). You need permission from a Spartoo account manager in order to start selling on Spartoo.

If you are a fashion supplier / seller and would like to start selling on Spartoo, send an email to containing:

  • your name
  • your company name
  • your address
  • your website
  • your email address
  • your phone number
  • your default courier service
  • your available fashion items (both types and brands)

A Spartoo account manager will contact you regarding an account. If you initially want to start selling on a different Spartoo country (like on for example), you can mail to, if you want to target Germany, mail to, etc.

More information on how to request an account and what the exact terms and conditions are, can be found on (the same applies as with the email address, replace with .nl for Dutch, with .de for German etc).

The monthly costs for Spartoo consist of a standard fee of € 39,- and a percentage based commission (15-20%) on every sale.

--- Channel Features

Supported Not supported 
Product offers Repricing
Product content External fulfillment
Product variations (sizes / colors) Price rules
Orders Carrier mapping
Returns (channel)  

--- Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps / flow:

--- Specific Spartoo settings/configuration


To connect to Spartoo your seller Id for the webservice is required. 

This id can be found in Spartoo's backend at ' Home' > 'Information'. This id is always the same regardless of enabled countries and default country (the default country will however determine the language of the interface).

Please note:  You can list your products on multiple countries from a single Spartoo instance. However, you can only list products on countries your account has been enabled for (by Spartoo). Note the domains in a certain country usually act as shop for all countries in the language. E.g. Spartoo redirects French Switzerland to, German Switzerland to; Spanish Latin-America to, etc.


Categorisation for Spartoo is mandatory. Spartoo uses a system where categories have a specific number, so 'mapping' is needed. Available values can be found by selecting the ' Browse' or by consulting the documentation on Spartoo:

Please note: currently, the category and attribute values are in Dutch. This does not matter for the end result, as everything is translated to Spartoo's own numeric values.



Spartoo does not have a lot of 'required' attributes on ' All Products', however next to 'Color' there are some additional requirements if you use multiple countries for Spartoo. 

If you, for example, want to have your products listed on, and, you will need to map the following (optional) attributes to make this work correctly:

  • Name (DE)
  • Name (FR) [- = France]
  • Name (NL)
  • Description (DE)
  • Description (FR)
  • Description (NL)
  • Price (DE)
  • Price (FR)
  • Price (NL)

Catalog Price can also be mapped per country (but isn't required) if you want to use ' discount' (from - for) prices.

If you want to participate in Spartoo's special sales periods (usually in the Summer and Winter periods), you will need to set the start and end date of the period if you want to participate during that period for each country (as every country can have an active sale period or not and the period can vary per country).

For each specific product type, attributes will be required as well (like Gender and Size).


Spartoo has no separate offer attributes except for the price. However, if you use multiple countries this price field will not be used (and because of that, price rules will not be applied either).


Spartoo does not support carrier mapping, as it does nothing with the 'carrier' itself via their API. Therefore carrier mapping is not displayed. The default carrier you use for Spartoo, is set / visible in Spartoo's backend at ' Home' > 'Shipping'.


2 things to be aware of for Spartoo:

  • If you select multiple countries to submit your products to, price rules will NOT be applied.
  • Currency conversion is not needed. For countries that have a different currency as EUR, Spartoo will do the conversion. Therefore all prices that are exported / shown, are in EUR.

--- Channel specific F.A.Q / issues

  • Why are my products not immediately visible?

    New products need to be validated / checked by Spartoo, so it may take several hours before exported products are visible in your account and on the website.
  • Why are my price rules not applied?

    Price rules can only be applied to the 'default' ChannelEngine price field. Because Spartoo uses separate fields / attributes per country, this can not be applied unfortunately. In the future we hope to add the feature to apply price rules on specific attributes (next to channels and listings).