V&D marketplace guide

--- Quick Info

Active countries: The Netherlands
Visitors per month: Unknown at this time
Commission: ~15% (can vary based on category)
Payment: Unknown at this time
Product categories: Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Home, Garden, Electronics, Health & Beauty and more
Input language (title + description): Dutch
Input currency EUR
Content uploading: Yes

ChannelEngine V&D Marketplace Information

--- How to request an account + costs

V&D is a relatively new marketplace with a primary focus on an age 35+ audience (who grew up with the brand when it was still a populair warehouse chain). There is no open registration form and only selected sellers can become a partner. If you feel your products would be a welcome addition to the current product offers on V&D, you can contact them by sending a mail to zakelijk@vd.nl.

Someone from V&D will contact you and if you are selected you will receive the necessary information on how to get started with selling on V&D.

There is no fixed monthly fee, V&D charges a percentage-based commission over all sales going through their marketplace.

--- Channel features

Supported Not supported
Product offers (price / stock updates) Repricing
Product content (your products are unique / no EAN matching) External fulfillment                                                   
HTML Descriptions (only on attribute 'Long Description')
Returns (merchant)  

--- Setting up V&D

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same basic steps / flow, which can be found below. Any channel specific settings or exceptions will be listed in the ' Specific V&D settings / configurations'.

Note: As V&D uses our channel API, they require some information / credentials from you instead of the other way around (which is usually the case with other channels).

Please supply them with:
- The channel API key (see the 'Setup' section below)
- Your company name (see the 'Setup' section below) 
- The (sub)domain of your ChannelEngine account (like https://myshop.channelengine.net)

--- Specific V&D settings / configuration


V&D uses an FTP-system where (offer and content) files are uploaded every x hours. This is done in a specific map with the name of the company entered in the ChannelEngine settings. It is therefore imperative that you do not change the name once the connection is active (unless agreed with V&D) as this will break any updating of existing offers / content. V&D will not automatically know the name has changed and will continue to check the original folder for updates.

  • Company Name - This is the exact company name you want to use for V&D. As explained above, once you have entered a name and the connection is fully active, please do not change it without discussing this with V&D.
  • Use grandparent products - Unlike most marketplaces, V&D groups different variants on 1 'parent' product. So both 'T-Shirt Awesome Blue - XL' and 'T-Shirt Awesome Green - S' need to have the same parent (like 'T-Shirt Awesome Red') to be grouped by. Normally second level variation is done by grandparents (so the different sizes of the blue t-shirts are grouped by the parent 'T-Shirt Awesome Blue', yellow by 'T-Shirt Awesome Yellow' etc. These in turn are grouped by 'T-Shirt Awesome' (which is the grandparent)). If you enable this option, all products with a common grandparent are grouped by the first parent in order to have V&D group all variants together.
Warning: Only enable if you have grandparents in ChannelEngine! If you enable this setting without having any grandparents, this will cause all 'variant' products to not be exported (as we'll try to group them by a non-existing grandparent).

Because V&D (partly) uses our own channel API to connect, they will need the specific V&D-channel API key from your account. Once you added V&D as a channel, you can find the API-key that is required by V&D below the 'General' section of the 'Setup' tab.


Categorisation is mandatory in order to get products listed on V&D. If you have a new category / product type that's not currently in the category tree, V&D can accommodate you to create new categories. As V&D currently only target a Dutch audience, category names will be in Dutch.



V&D does not have any category specific required attributes and only 4 attributes (next to the category) are really mandatory:

  • Delivery time (this uses a code based on the number of days, for a complete list please see this article
  • Brand
  • ID (your unique identifier for the product, which is usually your MerchantProductNo / SKU)
  • Name (the title for your product)
  • Main product image
  • Size
  • Color

However, you are strongly recommended to map / fill attributes such as the target audience and short description as well. Furthermore, filling in as much of the optional category specific attributes will definitely increase conversion as well.

Please note: if you want to display a description on V&D with (HTML) markup, this is only allowed on the 'Long Description'. For any other attribute, the markup will be stripped.


If you want to use 'From - for' (van - voor) pricing, you can use the Catalog / From price field in the offer mappings to set the 'From price'. Please note that the 'From price' will have to be higher than the price (before price rules) in order to have it applied. So 'Price' 10.95 / 'From price' 12.95 is ok, 'Price' 10.95 / 'From price' 10.95 is not.


V&D allow unregistered carriers, so carrier mapping is not required. They will even accept an 'empty shipment' (so no carrier method or track&trace number), but that will also mean the end customer will have no idea of when the ordered products will be delivered either (so this is not advised).


Unless you use a different base currency than EUR, no currency conversion is needed. There is no restriction on the usage of price rules for V&D.

Listed Products

We do not receive any feedback in regard to the actual status of your products (this is also due to the fact that updates are first loaded into a staging environment at V&D). Therefore the status in ChannelEngine will always be displayed as 'None'.

Channel specific F.A.Q / issues

Why are my updates not immediately visible?

V&D uses a strict uploading scheme (product data every 3 hours, product offers every hour) so updates are not processed every 5 minutes as is the case with some other marketplaces. Furthermore, product information updates are first loaded into a 'staging environment' V&D uses, before they are transferred to the live website once every night.